Sun Shades

Completely Customizable!

5″ and 4″ Cassettes
Lowers cooling costs and provides indoor and out door comfort.The Eclipse Cassette can drop your home temperature by 7 degrees. The Cassette protects the fabric from harsh weather keeping your fabric looking like new. This shade can use cables or tracks as guides. The shades are class 3 rated for winds up to 20 MPH.

Open Roller
The Eclipse Roller is widely used for residential and commercial applicants. The Open Roller will effectively reduce temperature and cooling costs for your home, as well as keeping your view free from glare and obstruction.

Zipper Screens
The Zipper Screen will enclose the entire length of the screen, leaving no room for bugs, or harsh glares, all the while extending your outdoor living space. Zipper Screens are complete with a cassette to protect the fabric and complement the appearance on the wall. Zipper Screens are the best solution for windy areas and harsh conditions.


Eclipse Cable and Track screens provide protection from harsh UV rays, privacy, lowers cooling costs, and protection from pesky bugs.The Cable screen has a Hem Bar that attaches to two cables on either side of the screen allowing it to move up and down with ease.


Unlike the cables, the Track screens have two tracks that are attached to an even opening of your choice such as a window, door way, etc. The Hem Bar runs up and down through the tracks. Like the Zipper screen, The Track screen does provide full protection from bugs, ultimately extending ones outdoor living space.

Most fabrics are weave of Vinyl-coated Polyester. Where they differ in quality is how they are weaved and with what materials. When choosing a fabric one needs to consider what their needs are. If you want to block the sun one should choose less Openness in the fabric. This would translate to a 95% or 5% Open. If the area you are shading is not completely affected by the sun 90% sun block will give you better viewing. The color of fabric matters for how well you see out and privacy protection from those seeing in.

For better view and clarity one should choose a darker color, black or bronze. However, if you are blocking the sun from exterior windows you would choose a lighter shade or fabric. This will keep the window and frame color. This is called Solar Reflectance and this will help to keep the room cooler as well. Lighter fabric(grey, white, beige) will help with privacy. These lighter shades make it more difficult to see through.